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We are a group of website doctors.
Let’s take a few steps to rescue your website and augment your online sales.

Reach more clients online

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Improve your website’s visibility on search engine

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Build a new website or mobile app

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Why Choose Us?

Fletrix offers a great service in digital marketing.
We are proud to

Introduce the concept of data analytics and user experience

Provide comprehensive service package of Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Integrated System Development and Web Design.

Offer free consultation in market insight and website optimization

Deliver customized services at a suitable price

Build a close and long-term relationship with our clients

Work as an experienced team of digital marketers, designers and programmers

Present our fresh image with a top level of professionalism

About Us

We are passionate about data analytics and mobile technology.
We believe data is improving our life and bringing you the best marketing solution.

Data Mindset



Technical Skills

Fletrix is a full service digital marketing agency.

Fletrix’s vision is to establish and present trustworthy brands to their clients through the use of data technology.
Today we survive along with the trend of technology.
We are still expending our elite group of marketing, design and web/mobile development.