Mobile App Development

Fletirx’s Mobile App Development Team treats User Experience & Cost-Effectiveness Operation as out Key Goal, as we believe that the Human beings is Armored, Enabled and Enhanced by New Technology perfectly instead of being dragged.

Therefore, new system has to be very smartly, visionary and comprehensively planned before coding.

A lot technology companies relies on Graphic designer or UI Designer on UX development, because they are not knowing the true meaning of UX (User experience). An App or a Website with perfect UX design can not only enhance the user’s experience, but also addicted to the interaction (eg. Purchase, Comment, Feedback, Apply). 

All digital marketers felt painfulness of high bounce rate, and only minority of them notice the core issues are related UX planning of the App or Web. 

To ensure the stickiness and usability of the App & Web is the aim of Fletrix.


if  (” Looking at the loading bar or blank screen does not increase your efficiency of your works, nor decrease your tiredness. “) {


It is time to let Fletrix help revoluting it!

} ELSE {






  1. Study the workflow of the company or team
  2. Identify the critical Needs & Problems
  3. Prioritize & Propose *continuous technological strategies
  4. Prototype & Discussion
  5. Development
  6. Internal Testing
  7. User Acceptance Test (UAT)
  8. Replacement & Implementation Plan
  9. On-site Training & Feedback collections

Fletrix as a Full-service IT & Development company provides all-rounded IT services to our clients. 

  1. Mobile App Design & Development
  2. Website Design & Development
  3. Eshop Design & Development
  4. Operation System Development & Enhancement
  5. ERP, CRM, Accounting System Setup & Mobile App integration
  1. Workflow Optimization & Systemization Consultation
  2. Technologies Application & Business Integration Solution
  3. Technology development fund raising & allowance 
  4. Technical Supports
  5. Upgrade recommendations
  6. Technology Feasibility Research & Study
  1. System Upgrade & Maintenance
  2. System Monitoring & Emergency Recovery
  3. Network Monitoring & Inspection
  4. System Security Study & Enhancement
  5. PCI Compliance

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