Our Services

With over nine years of experience in the industry, Fletrix has established itself as a reputable Information Technology Solutions Provider specializing in the integration of diverse IT technologies, in order to equip a cooperate with leading IT advantages. Founded by a dedicated group of young professionals, the company offers a comprehensive range of services, including System Design, Website & e-Shop Development, Data Mining, and Mobile App related solutions.


Our primary objective is to streamline daily tasks for businesses by leveraging the power of Latest and Smartest Tailor-made Softwares and Platforms. These platforms, which encompass user-friendly web and mobile applications, facilitate collaboration and enhance overall operation efficiency.


Throughout our nine-year journey, the Fletrix team of experts has consistently delivered high-quality Web, App and Management Software products, as well as provided top-tier Technologies Integration Consultation Service. This unwavering dedication has earned us the trust and confidence of our valued clientele. By continuously meeting and exceeding expectations, we strive to maintain our reputation as a leading integrated information technology solutions provider in the industry.


Data Analytics & Consumer Insight

Fletrix provides all-around Data Analytics and Consumer Insights service by tracking all user behaviours with capable talent supports.

Fletrix provides Member & VIP System development service with complete solution for scalability & operation management.

Fletrix provides platform design and development to enhance interaction with your target customers.

Fletrix provides tailor-made Eshop design and development with complete solution for scalability & operation management. 

IT Security Enhancement

Fletrix provides IT Security Enhancement such as Internal Network, Web Server, POS System and API Encryption with complete solution for scalability & operation management.

 Fletrix provides a professional consultation service that answers all your questions regarding the usage of computer software or advanced functions of mobile phones. 

Fletrix provides Official website redesign and enhancement service that helps to simplify the complicated user flow of your current website and provide website enhancement. 

 Fletrix provides customised systems like ERP system , POS system , CRM systems, Accounting software and HR systems.

Fletrix provides SEM service to increase your website traffic, conversion rate, Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and website exposure by setting accurate keywords in Google Ads.

Fletrix helps creating and improving SEO in enhancing your website ranking in SERPs.

Fletrix offers a comprehensive range of services, including Web System Design and Development, Eshop Design and Development, Member & VIP System Development, Mobile App & System Development, Data Analytics and Consumer Insight, and Platform Design and Development. Our team of experts provides professional consultation and advice, tailored to each client’s specific needs and concerns.

Our one-stop development service covers every stage of the process, from understanding the client’s requirements and idea generation to planning, UX/UI design, programming, UAT, and finally, launching the application with ongoing maintenance and updates. We ensure that the resulting products are user-friendly, functional, and feature an appealing user interface.

Fletrix specializes in Mobile App, Website, Eshop Design & Development, Operation System Development & Enhancement, as well as ERP, CRM, and Accounting System Setup & Mobile App integration. Additionally, we provide all-encompassing consultation services, which include Workflow Optimization & Systemization.

Consultation, Technologies Application & Business Integration Solution, Technology Development Fundraising & Allowance, Technical Support, Upgrade Recommendations, and Technology Feasibility Research & Study.

Lastly, Fletrix offers system maintenance services such as System Upgrade & Maintenance, System Monitoring & Emergency Recovery, Network Monitoring & Inspection, System Security Study & Enhancement, and PCI Compliance, ensuring the smooth operation and security of our clients’ systems.

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