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By living in a digital age nowadays, all of us have become mobile-savvy. Therefore an app for mobile (so-called mobile app) would be an essential marketing tool for your business. Different from Responsive Web Design (RWD), mobile apps can achieve higher mobility, and also motivate the interactiveness between users by push notification. Mobile apps could definitely expand you business and reach new markets like never before.
To cope with the rapid development of this digital age, more and more companies start finding app development company or mobile app developer for app design. Below are some tips for you regarding app development that may help with your understanding about IOS and Android mobile apps.

7 Tips to develop an App for Mobile

Tips 1. Cost of App Design and relative services

The cost of mobile app design mainly from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands HKD. It takes around HKD 30,000 for basic app development which requires less mobile data. Yet, this app design package may charge for each development of new function, as well as server maintenance fee, which maybe more suitable for short term projects, such as an app for information display during exhibition. The cost would be higher If you would like to develop a fully customised mobile app that suits your needs, which cost from HKD150,000 to 500,000, depending on the complexity of app design. Although the development cost is much higher than basic app development, the benefits are having high flexibility for app functions. You could request for different new functions that suits the demand of end user, as well as hiring professional UI designer in designing a one-of-a-kind user interface. The above mentioned cost also include app maintenance fee to ensure your app runs smoothly in warranty period. This type of app design package is suitable for long term projects, such as continuous e-commerce development and interactive platforms that involves more mobile data. You may contact App Development Company for a more accurate quotation.
App for mobile - app design - app
App for mobile - app design - app

Tips 2. Additional cost of Mobile App Development

Other than above app development cost, you would have to pay attention to other additional cost of app design like app publishing fee and operation fee of mobile apps.

App publishing fee

You would have to register a developer account in order to publish your app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Below shows the app publishing fee of App Store and Google Play:

Apple App Store

(Have to join Apple developer Program)

Google Play Store


Charge per year

One time




Cost of mobile app advertising

Mainly refers to marketing cost of social media, such as advertising cost on Facebook and Instagram.

Maintenance and Warranty Fee

Such as server purchase or renting fee, system upgrade and warranty fee, 2nd phrase of app development and database upgrade. These are all additional cost for app design.

Cost of Server and Database

The backend of mobil app should store in a qualified web hosting (or server-host), while normal webhost service outside may not be able to handle the computing and demand of app functions. Therefore, a responsible App development company will provide server renting and management service for at least half to one year, so as to ensure a stable user experience of the mobile app during promotion period. Fletrix provides “half year to one year” free web hosting service for all our mobile app clients. Contact us for more information about App Server!

Tips 3. Process of building a Mobile App

You may take reference of the process of building a mobile app below:

1. Understand client’s demand and extra needs of app development

Hong Kong app development company will firstly understand the idea and needs of customers, investigate the feasibility and workload of app design project, and provide sustainable technological strategies towards the mobile apps project.

2. Functions of Mobile App

According to the “App user demand list” confirmed in 1. , Hong Kong app development company starts considering actual functions required for the mobile app, and draft a well planned “app design function list” . There are mainly two types of app design functions: a. Software function and 2. Hardware function.

3. Client received the quotation of app design and sign project contract with app development company

Hong Kong app design company send the drafted “app design quotation” to client, which client should have a clear understanding and expectation regarding each mobile app function. Meanwhile, app development company or mobile app developer should also explain and elaborate the design concept of each app function, as well as the operations of app design clearly.

4. Interactions between App and Admin & User Flow of App design

According to the “App Design function list” confirmed in 2. , Hong Kong app development company start to plan for a detailed user flow that ensure end users to use the functions in the most effective way. One of the important app design technique “User-experience Enhancement Design” will be applied at this stage, aiming to reduce user’s overall learning time about each app function.

5. UI design of Mobile Apps

UI (User Interface) design is not just about aesthetics, but to design and customise according to the needs of end users. App designer will design UI, information display touch response and user experience by considering the users’ characteristics, actual app setting and users’ familiarity towards the mobile app. In order to enhance user’s perceptions towards different app functions, app designer will provide guidelines and hints to users to ensure they have correct understanding regarding each app function. Users could then receive simple but accurate information in the quickest way.

6. Programming after App Design confirmation

Programming team of app design will start coding according to the user flow, mobile app functions and UI/UX design stated in quotation. Different programming languages (e.g. JS, Python, PHP, Objective-C) will be applied depending on the type of mobile apps (e.g. Native App, Web App, Hybrid App).

7. External: Client conduct U.A.T. in UAT App; Internal: Web development company debug at the same time

8. Acceptance of completed Mobile App and launch in IOS/Android market

Hong Kong App Development Company will transfer corresponding files and codes after acceptance of completed mobile app, and provide free of charge maintenance within warranty period.

It requires around 1 to 2 weeks time from app design discussion to the completion of contract signing. Meanwhile, it takes 2 to 4 months in completed the whole mobile app development, depending on the complexity of app design.

App for mobile - app design - app
App for mobile - app design - app

Tips 4. How to choose a good App Development Company?

Selecting a right app design company can bring ultimate success to your website. You may find hong kong app design agency for options, or research about different app development companies about their portfolio and projects, and observe if they have ever conduct app design projects for famous enterprises. It is important to know if the UI and UX design meet the enterprise’s brand image and needs as well. A more direct way is to ask the web design company right away and see if they have previous proof of work, or app design templates. It is good to understand more about the process of building a mobile app , price packages and app design experience of each company.

Tips 5. Is IOS and Android applying the same app design system?

As IOS and Android are using totally different operating systems, mobile app developer would have to create codes for both versions, resulting in double workload and extra app development cost. Clients would also being forced to choose to develop either Android or IOS mobile apps due to huge app development cost.

Fortunately, cross platform app development tools like Xamarin、React Native and Flutter are increasingly common, so mobile apps developer could use the same language to write for both systems. This helps reducing the app development cost as well as time of development. Still, if you want your mobile app to work perfectly in both IOS and Android system, you may have to conduct optimisation based on individual platforms in achieving the best performance.

App for mobile - app design - app
App for mobile - app design - app

Tips 6. Time of App Development

The time of app development actually varies due to the complexity of desired mobile app. Mobile apps with simple functions could complete in 1 to 2 months, while apps with more complicated functions and user flow may need 3 to 4 months to finish the app design project.

If you would only like to develop an app without backend system, simply for displaying simple information without user interactions, app development company could complete the app design with existing app templates. Due to little resources and manpower involved, the app design could be finished within 1-2 months.

If you expect to have a mobile app with backend and admin panel development which include database, data encryption, account management, push notification, API connection etc, it may take at least 4 months to complete the whole app development due to increase of programming complexity and manpower involved.

Although it involves huge amount of development cost, hiring a professional app development company will be the quickest way to create your own app without knowing any programming language and app development tools. You could make the final decision after measuring the needs and budget of your company.

Tips 7. How long does it take to publish your Mobile App in App Store and Google Play?

The app review and approval time of IOS and Android are different. The app review time of Apple is relatively long, which takes around 2 weeks; while Google Play Store takes shorter time, which takes 1-2 days to complete the app review process.

You may take reference to above approval time and adjust your marketing plan for your mobile app.

App for mobile - app design - app


Are you eager to start building your own app? Or you would like to know more about app design? Just let Fletrix know your question. As a Hong Kong App development company, Fletrix provides tailor-made app design services which meet your expectations and business requirements. With well-experienced web designer and programmers, we offer one-stop app development service to clients, from understanding client’s critical needs and idea flow, planning, to UX/UI design, programming and UAT. We guarantee the out coming mobile app are easy-to-use and well functioned with an attractive user interface which absolutely impress your target customers. Let’s get started with your app development journey with Fletrix via WhatsApp message!

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