Eshop Design & Development

Eshop Design and Development

With the fast pace of technological development, Eshop becomes your indispensable business essentials. Fletrix provides you with one-stop Eshop design and development service which brings a valuable and enjoyable online shopping experience to your target customers. We offer comprehensive functions to you, including various Eshop templates for different industries, easy-to-manage admin panel, online payment gateway and customer services that satisfy your needs.

Eshop Characteristics

Unlike physical stores, Eshop helps you to explore much more possibilities including below:

Eshop Features

Fletrix offers multi-functional Eshops with a decorative and easy-to-use user interface, making your Eshop manageable.

1. Product Management

Support unlimited numbers of pages or product categories and brands. Admin could also edit and update detailed information of all products, including product photos, size, texture, description etc. Updates of product prices, filters and tags could also be achieved in the backend.

2. Payment and Order Management

Support multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Payme. Flexible offline payment methods could be arranged by your own as well. Admin could also track and update order status for customers with auto email notification.

3. Logistics and Shipping Fee Management

Shop owners could select logistic companies, which systems would calculate shipping fees based on different locations automatically according to your settings.

4. Membership Management

Admin could set up multiple member types and levels with different authorities, like preview and preorder new products for VIP members, or sending e-coupons to new registered members.

5. Data Analysis and Sales Report

Monthly sales reports including monthly order amounts, best sellers and browse records would be generated by systems automatic data analysis.

6. Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Eshops developed by Fletrix are enabled and responsive to all kinds of devices including mobile devices, desktop and tablets. You customer could browse and purchase your products anytime and anywhere.

Why Do You Have To Choose Fletrix?

Fletrix provides tailor-made web design services which meet your expectations and business requirements, so as to improve overall website performance, including user-friendly interface, user experience and SEO performance. With well-experienced designer and programmers, we offer one-stop web development service to clients, from understanding client’s critical needs and idea flow, planning, to UX/UI design, programming and UAT, and last but not least, launching the website with maintenance and updates. We guarantee the outcoming websites are easy-to-use and well functioned with an attractive user interface which absolutely impress your target customers. Let’s get started with your website development journey with Fletrix via email or whatsapp message!

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Eshop Development Service

Eshop Development

We provide Mobile App, Website, Eshop Design & Development, Operation System Development & Enhancement as well as ERP, CRM, Accounting System Setup & Mobile App integration.

Consultation & Study

We offer all-around consultation services to clients, including Workflow Optimization & Systemization Consultation, Technologies Application & Business Integration Solution, Technology development fund raising & allowance, Technical Supports, Upgrade recommendations and Technology Feasibility Research & Study.

System Maintenance

Fletrix provides system maintenance services such as System Upgrade & Maintenance, System Monitoring & Emergency Recovery, Network Monitoring & Inspection, System Security Study & Enhancement and PCI Compliance.

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