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The internet has become a necessary part of people’s lives, in which people could receive the latest news, information, services, online shopping, as well as to interact with family and friends around the world. Building an official website helps to spread the latest announcement or information to a large number of people through the internet in quick speed, which they could receive the changes or messages in their earliest convenience.
As all people with different backgrounds, age range, races would be a user of the official website, the website design and user experience should be capable of all people. Building an accessible internet helps to improve user experience to the public, as well as achieving social responsibility. Fletrix is experienced in developing informative websites with a simple and user-friendly interface that suits all users, aiming to provide a smooth and comfortable user experience. The released information could then be delivered to the public quickly and precisely.

Official Website Redesign and Enhancement

Fletrix helps to design a simple and well-organized official website with clear structure and easy-to-use interface. We help with official websites redesign and redevelopment, aiming to simplify the complicated user flow into a user-friendly flow, which suits all kinds of users. In addition, Fletrix could provide enhancement to the website by adding new functions as requested by the client. We ensure to provide a well-developed, bug-free, Zero-risk website with perfect user experience.

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Fletrix is a well experienced website development company with well experienced and qualified developers. We provide one-stop website redesign and enhancement service to clients, starting from understanding client’s critical needs and idea flow, planning, to UX/UI design, programming and UAT, and last but not least, launching the website with maintenance and updates. We guarantee the outcoming websites are easy-to-use and well functioned with an appealing user interface which absolutely impresses your target users. Let’s get started with your website development journey with Fletrix via email or whatsapp message!

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Official Website Redesign & Enhancement Service​​

Official Website Redesign & Enhancement Service​​

We provide Mobile App, Website, Eshop Design & Development, Operation System Development & Enhancement as well as ERP, CRM, Accounting System Setup & Mobile App integration.

Consultation & Study

We offer all-around consultation services to clients, including Workflow Optimization & Systemization Consultation, Technologies Application & Business Integration Solution, Technology development fund raising & allowance, Technical Supports, Upgrade recommendations and Technology Feasibility Research & Study.

System Maintenance

Fletrix provides system maintenance services such as System Upgrade & Maintenance, System Monitoring & Emergency Recovery, Network Monitoring & Inspection, System Security Study & Enhancement and PCI Compliance.

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