Platform Design & Development

What is Platform Development?

Interactive platform development allows end users to interact with other users, no matter if they are in different roles like admin or members. Fletrix is an experienced platform developer that provides satisfying UX/UI design with smooth user experience. We provide one-stop platform development services to all kinds of businesses, from medical apps or job review platforms.

Why do you need Platform Development Service?

People in the current generation enjoy sharing and interacting with others, an interactive platform helps to engage and gather people with similar interests, which they are actually your target customers. Establishing an interactive platform helps to attract users with the same purpose, which gives a great helping hand in your future marketing strategies. Fletrix helps you to develop a well-established online platform with an appealing interface and customized function that fit your needs, so as to generate traffic and strengthen the online existence of your business.

Why do you have to choose Fletrix for Platform Development?

Fletrix provides tailor-made platform development services which meet your expectations and business requirements, so as to improve overall website performance, including user-friendly interface and user experience. With well-experienced designer and programmers, we offer one-stop web development service to clients, from understanding client’s critical needs and idea flow, planning, to UX/UI design, programming and UAT, and last but not least, launching the platform with maintenance and updates. We guarantee the finalized platforms are easy-to-use and well functioned with an attractive user interface which impresses your target customers. Let’s get started with your development journey with Fletrix via email or whatsapp message!

How do we work?

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Platform Development Service

Platform Development

We provide Mobile App, Website, Eshop Design & Development, Operation System Development & Enhancement as well as ERP, CRM, Accounting System Setup & Mobile App integration.

Consultation & Study

We offer all-around consultation services to clients, including Workflow Optimization & Systemization Consultation, Technologies Application & Business Integration Solution, Technology development fund raising & allowance, Technical Supports, Upgrade recommendations and Technology Feasibility Research & Study.

System Maintenance

Fletrix provides system maintenance services such as System Upgrade & Maintenance, System Monitoring & Emergency Recovery, Network Monitoring & Inspection, System Security Study & Enhancement and PCI Compliance.

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