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Why do you need this service?

To cope with the fast pace of technological enhancement and improvement, it is sometimes hard for people to learn all kinds of continuous changing functions and applications in a short period of time. If you always find it difficult to use any kinds of mobile functions and applications, or suffer in the new features of updated softwares, you may need a consultation with an IT professional for all enquiries. Fletrix provides a professional consultation service that answers all your questions regarding the usage of computer software or advanced functions of mobile phones.

What will be included in the service?

Fletrix provides mobile or computer consultation service in any kind of grouping, no matter in small group tutorial or one-on-one indoor consultation. We offer professional tutorials and advice on different technological topics, including any kinds of software or advanced features of mobile devices and computers. We share professional knowledge to clients, from the usage of Microsoft Excel, google spreadsheet, to i-Home set up, to make sure to help you in connecting with the current world of technology as quickly as possible. The consultation could be processed in different languages such as Cantonese, English or Mandarin as requested. Do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp or Email in making a reservation.

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Our Professional Services

Information Technology Development

We provide Mobile App, Website, Eshop Design & Development, Operation System Development & Enhancement as well as ERP, CRM, Accounting System Setup & Mobile App integration.

Consultation & Study

We offer all-around consultation services to clients, including Workflow Optimization & Systemization Consultation, Technologies Application & Business Integration Solution, Technology development fund raising & allowance, Technical Supports, Upgrade recommendations and Technology Feasibility Research & Study.

System Maintenance

Fletrix provides system maintenance services such as System Upgrade & Maintenance, System Monitoring & Emergency Recovery, Network Monitoring & Inspection, System Security Study & Enhancement and PCI Compliance.

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