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SEM vs SEO, which is right for my business?

What's the difference between SEM and SEO?

You must have heard of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) if you have basic understanding about digital marketing. What are the similarities and differences between SEM and SEO, and what are the relationship between these two marketing strategies? We will explain in detail about the application and functions of SEM and SEO respectively, together with some strategies for enhancing your website exposure and performance through SEM.

5 Questions about SEM

1. What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing)?

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is a paid strategy to gain exposure in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). SEM strategy is often referred to paid search or Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, aiming to reach and attract your target customers by increasing your website visibility. SEM mainly refers to Google Ads (also called PPC) and PFI (Pay For Inclusion). You will have to target and pay for the accurate keywords to attract customers in purchasing your products or services.
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2. What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is an organic strategy in gaining exposure and increase organic search traffic and organic ranking in SERPs. By modifying and enhancing SEO keywords, MetaData, programming techniques etc can benefit your SERP ranking in Google and Bing. Paying continuous effort in optimising SEO not only increasing your organic search traffic, but also helps building your own business image. Although SEO takes relatively long time to show up the impact, it reduces the overall cost of online marketing and stabilises your ranking results.

3. What are the differences between SEM and SEO? Which one is right for my business?

To talk about the biggest difference between SEM and SEO, it should be the cost and effectiveness of gaining traffic. SEM requires a higher cost in receiving instant and short term effect, while SEO requires continuous effort for optimisation in reducing overall traffic cost to receive sustainable benefits.

Differences between SEM and SEO:







You will need to pay for Google Adwords (PPC - Pay Per Click)

Need higher investment on time, manpower and opportunity cost




Investment Results



Data analysis



1. SEM is Paid, SEO is “Free”

SEM results are paid search, you will be charged once user clicks on the ad results, so you must set a budget for PPC in showing SEM ads to target customers regularly in search platforms like Google and Bing. While you will not be charged by search engine in SEO, instead you have to invest on time, manpower and opportunity cost for long term website optimisation. Improvement of SEO have to be done by hiring professional employees or outsource to SEO company.

2. SEM performs in Short-term, SEO performs in Long-term

SEM performance mainly depends on the bid and price you paid for your targeted keyword research. You will be ranked on top in SERPs without considering the quality of website contents, only if you offer the highest bid for the targeted keywords among other competitors. The impact will show in latest one day (Content of Google SEM has to be reviewed by Google). On the flip side, the performance of SEO depends on the quality of your website contents. The higher the quality, the higher the ranking in Organic Search. You will have to pay effort on manpower, resources and time in optimising your website in different aspects like website content, SEO keywords, title and RWD for SEO goal completion. It may take at least half to one year to achieve an obvious SEO results.

3. Systematic data analysis for SEM, Diverse data analysis for SEO

The revenue of SEM marketing could be calculated basically by reviewing the data in Google SEM, such as Conversion Rate, Cost Per Click and Cost Per Conversion. You may evaluate and optimise the cost of SEM from time to time in enhancing the overall SEM performance. Oppositely, SEO involves more factors in data analysis, including keywords ranking, organic search traffic and user duration, and it might lead to a more diverse and complicated analysis.

SEM and SEO are equally important strategies in enhancing your website ranking in SERPs. However, SEO might be a long journey to start-up enterprises as it takes time to achieve obvious results. Therefore, SEM maybe a more suitable choice in boosting short term traffic and exposure in attracting your target customers. By paying keywords advertisements (PPC), your ads will soon appear in SERPs.

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sem - seo - keywords
sem - seo - keywords
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4. SEM Service in Hong Kong

The actual cost and price of SEM marketing service depends on the bidding price of keywords in related industry. SEM marketing company helps you in analysing and choosing the right keywords for your business, and keep optimising your PPC advertisements to improve the overall effectiveness of Google SEM. Google Ads only charge based on clicks (Pay Per Click, PPC) to ensure qualified traffic are driven to your website. In normal practise, SEM agency charges a certain proportion from your overall advertisement cost as their service charge.

5. Fletrix, the right SEM agency

If you are confused in starting SEM, or choosing the right keywords, Fletrix could help. Fletrix provides SEM service with optimisation, including keywords analysis, adjustment and monitor of different factors like campaign budget, bid strategy, negative keywords, search impression share and smart bidding. A satisfying SEM Google Ads will result in increasing traffic, conversion rate and CTR . We will continue analysing and adjusting your Google Ads in enhancing overall online marketing performance.

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Fletrix is ready to provide you the best SEM Service

SEM helps increasing your website traffic, conversion rate, Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and website exposure to enhance your brand awareness. To achieve success in digital marketing, you may firstly achieve satisfying results and gain traffic through SEM (short term strategy), and optimise website contents to improve the performance in SEO. Fletrix, as an experienced Hong Kong SEM company, promised to provide you tailor-made proposals on Google Ads with accurate keyword research and to improve website exposure. More questions about SEM or Google Ads? Contact us for more information.

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