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Customised System VS Existing Mangement System

Existing management Systems everywhere

You may have heard of or even using a lot of existing management systems like ERP system , POS system , CRM systems, Accounting software and HR systems, hong kong education system as well. However, do these management systems really suits your business needs? Maybe you need a customised it system instead. You may ask yourself below questions before developing a customised system design.

1. Does Existing Management System suit my business?

You maybe confused that why you have to create a customised system instead of using those well developed management systems like ERP, POS, CRM, Accounting software, HR system and Event Registration System. Let’s review the goods and bads of existing management systems. If your business involves common procedures like online booking, event registration, you could apply existing management system in running your business. It not only involves lower cost, also you do not have to spend extra time in investigating the optimisation of the system as they have been through for many debugs and improvements already.

Still, there are some cons for existing management systems. First, they have relatively low flexibility and many restrictions regarding the system functions, you have to follow the rules they set for global users. Besides, you may found some functions are improper to your business, as the systems are designed for wide-range of industries. Management systems with complicated user interface (UI) and functions might affect the working efficiency of employees. Moreover, the development cost will be very high if you would like to expand or optimise the existing management systems like ERP, POS, CRM. You will have to send your customised request to the software vendor for additional coding development, which may cost double or triple higher than the original system.

Existing management systems are more suitable for traditional and stable businesses with little changes on daily workflow. You may review the business nature, structure and possibility of expansion to determine if existing management system suits your needs.

pos system - system design - system development
system design - system
pos system - system design - system
system design - system

2. Reasons that you need a customised system

As mentioned in point 1, you could quickly start using existing license-based systems like POS system and CRM systems by paying monthly fee or annual fee. However, sooner or later companies found that existing management systems do not fit for their daily operations. If so, your business maybe more suitable for using customised system.

One of the successful customised system is the POS system developed by TamJai SamGor. The workflow of their customised catering system is simple yet effective: by connecting internal mobile app, waiters or waitress in TamJai SamGor can place and make orders for clients in a digital way. It not only simplify the whole order process, but also reduce human mistakes. From order placment to stock management, this customised POS system is designed and created according to the internal operations of TamJai SamGor, like a tailor-made shirt for man.

Below are the comparison between customised system and existing management systems:

Customised System

Existing Management System

Operation needs

100% fit for operation needs of particular company

More standardised, not able to fit all operation needs of individual companies

Flexibility and targeting

High flexibility, strong targeting

Low flexibility, weak targeting


One time payment

Monthly or annual subscription fee

Security of customer data

Fully secured, could request software development company to sign confidential contacts

Not secure, data are analysed and sell in the market

Ownership of data

Client could own the whole data

Vendor of existing management company

Optimisation and expansion

Able to add new functions and proceed optimisation

Not able to add new functions and proceed optimisation

1. Highly fits the operation needs of company

Standardised management system mainly charge per month or per year. As system vendors mainly design systems according to marketing needs instead of individual business or customer, a relatively long adaptation period is required if companies change from using no system to standardised systems.

For customised IT system, a responsible and well-experienced IT company will first understand client needs and discuss in details, in order to design a customised system that 100% fits your business needs. In this case, it takes much less time for companies to adopt from non-system oriented to system oriented mode.

2. One time payment

Existing management systems could adjust the price anytime, or enhance client’s plan according to client’s usage, which may results in “out-of-budget” situation.

While for customised system design, client only have to make one time payment for system development cost, if no extra maintenance or functions required.

3. Security of customer data

Many system vendors tend to analyse customer data collected from their users and generate market reports to sell in the market, which lead to the decrease of competitiveness of system users.

For customised system design, you could request software development company to sign confidential contacts and promise not to publish or sell any of the data in ensuring the security of your customised IT system.

4. Ownership of data

Usually existing management vendors do not allow export of data like member information, customer data and orders. Users could not switch to other systems easily due to the restriction on data exporting.

While you could request system development company to export all data in customised IT system to ensure the complete database is reserved and moved to your company.

5. System optimisation and expansion

Existing management systems are designed and developed to cater the demand and needs of most consumers among different industries, therefore it is impossible for them to customise and add functions specially for particular company.

Opposite to standardised systems like ERP system and POS system , as the whole structure of customised system design (e.g. user flow, functions, UI, UX) is designed according to the needs of your business, the system could be optimised and expanded from time to time for a more perfect user experience.

3. Does Customised System suit my business?

A customised system mainly used for internal business management like resources management, cross-department data and information communication. Hence, customised software development company should gain full understanding about the company structure and operations, so as to design the most suitable UI and system functions in end-user’s perspective. Besides, customised IT system could connect to desktop and mobile app for easier data input and review, increasing the overall working mobility. It benefits company employees and salesperson under the arrangement of Work From Home due to COVID-19.

system design - system
pos system - system design - system
pos system - system design - system

4. Process of building a Customised System

To start building a new customised system, you will have to experience below system development process:

1. Understand client’s demand and extra needs of customised system

  • Hong Kong customised software development company will firstly understand the idea and needs of customers, investigate the feasibility and workload of customised software design project, and provide sustainable technological strategies towards the customised software project.

2. Functions of Customised Software

  • According to the “System user demand list” confirmed in 1. , Hong Kong customised software company starts considering actual functions required for the customised software, and draft a well planned “system design function list” . There are mainly two types of system design functions: a. Software function and 2. Hardware function.

3. Client received the quotation of system design and sign project contract with system development company

  • Hong Kong system design company send the drafted “system design quotation” to client, which client should have a clear understanding and expectation regarding each customised system function. Meanwhile, software development company or system developer should also explain and elaborate the design concept of each system function, as well as the operations of system design clearly.

4. Interactions between System and Admin & User Flow of System design

  • According to the “System Design function list” confirmed in 2. , Hong Kong software development company start to plan for a detailed user flow that ensure end users to use the functions in the most effective way. One of the important system design technique “User-experience Enhancement Design” will be applied at this stage, aiming to reduce user’s overall learning time about each system function.

5. UI design of Customised System

  • UI (User Interface) design is not just about aesthetics, but to design and customise according to the needs of end users. System designer will design UI, information display touch response and user experience by considering the users’ characteristics, actual app setting and users’ familiarity towards the system. In order to enhance user’s perceptions towards different system functions, customised system designer will provide guidelines and hints to users to ensure they have correct understanding regarding each system function. Users could then receive simple but accurate information in the quickest way.

6. Programming after App Design confirmation

  • Programming team of system design will start coding according to the user flow, system app functions and UI/UX design stated in quotation. Different programming languages (e.g. JS, Python, PHP, Objective-C) will be applied depending on the type of systems.

7. External: Client conduct U.A.T. ; Internal: System development company debug at the same time

8. Acceptance of completed system design and launching

  • Hong Kong Software development Company will transfer corresponding files and codes after acceptance of completed system design, and provide free of charge maintenance within warranty period.
It requires around 1 to 2 weeks time from system design discussion to the completion of contract signing. Meanwhile, it takes 1 to 3 months in completed the whole system design, depending on the complexity of system design. Contact Us for more information

5. Popular System Design services from Fletrix

Customised Systems suits your needs and demand more than traditional or existing website template, which the website functions and UI could be designed according to your request. As a HK System Design Company, Fletrix provides tailor-made system which meet your expectations and business requirements. With well-experienced system designers and programmers, we ensure to design you a fully customised system. We provide varies kind of services for every industry, including:

ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning)

To integrate internal enterprise resources, manage day-to-day business activities, workflow of each department.
Functions and features: Different kinds of Payment Method, Stock Management, Sales Data Analysis

POS System (Point of Sale)

Composition of Hardware and Software, used for stock and order management, as well as receipt management. Common Examples are Catering POS System and Retail POS System.
Functions and features: Different kinds of Payment Method, Stock Management, Sales Data Analysis

CRM System (Customer Relationship Management)

Analyse the consumer behaviour of current and potential customers by collecting, managing and analysing client data using CRM system. This help solving demand of clients and increase customer loyalty.
Functions and features: One-stop customer database, Customer Analysis, Workflow of customer service and Marketing Automation

Accounting Software

Achieving the best financial management by improving overall effectiveness and business performance of enterprises.
Functions and features: Expenses, Invoices and Income, Liabilities

HR Systems (Human Resources System)

Human Resources Management System for managing employee information and payroll processing.
Functions and features: Employee information Management, Shift Roster and Attendance, Leave Management, Payroll Processing and Report, MPF Management and Report, File Taxes

Event Registration System, Roll Call System

Automation of event registration, payment and roll call
Functions and features: Event Management, Roll Call Management, Customised Registration Form, Payment Gateways, Updates of event contents, QR Code ticket, Online Booking, Member System

MetaTrade (MT4)

Functions and features: Event Management, Roll Call Management, Customised Registration Form, Payment Gateways, Updates of event contents, QR Code ticket, Online Booking, Member System
Functions and features: Platform that support multi-currency, Professional consultation, transaction automation, conduct transaction with different vendors

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning is one of the AI technology which focus on building applications that learn from data and improve the accuracy from time to time. Algorithms are trained to identify similar patterns and features in large amount of data to make accurate decisions and predictions based on new data.
Functions and features: Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Translation, Image Identification, Medical Diagnosis, Learning Association and Prediction

pos system - system design - system
pos system - system design - system
pos system - system design - system

6. Fletrix provides varies customised systems, Contact Us for more information

1. Event Management & Application

Eg. Event Application, Course promotion, Online Application with Payment

2. Membership & VIP Subscription

Membership scheme, VIP Subscription & Renewal, e-Card

3. Logistic & Task Management System

Eshop, Online ordering, Vendor & Order Automation, Courier & Delivery management

4. P2P Case/ Profile Matching System

Eg. Social Matching, Speed dating, Sport game dating, Crowd-matching
Project submission & quotation matching system

5. Discount, Coupon & Redemption system

All the above types of system can be developed with Mobile-app & Platform strategies

Start your Customised System now!

Are you eager to start building your own customised system? Or you would like to know more about IT systems? Just let Fletrix know your question. As a HK web design company, Fletrix provides tailor-made system design services which meet your expectations and business requirements, so as to improve internal system performance, including user-friendly interface and user experience. With well-experienced web designer and programmers, we offer one-stop system development service to clients, from understanding client’s critical needs and idea flow, planning, to UX/UI design, programming and UAT, and last but not least, launching the system with maintenance and updates. We guarantee the out coming customised system are easy-to-use and well functioned with an attractive user interface which absolutely increase the working efficiency of your employees. Let’s get started with your customised system journey with Fletrix via WhatsApp message!

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