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EDU 4.0

4.0 Education Management Platform is an open management platform that allows registers to manage their education center, tutorial business, or small teaching classes. The platform is aimed at optimizing the administration workflow, minimizing the workload created by routine daily operation, organize the transaction and invoicing. 

System admin could manage activities for different roles such as teachers, students and parents. The system could also generate online or offline invoices for students with few steps, which helps minimizing manual invoice processing time. Meanwhile, admin could arrange make up classes for students by checking available time slots through the system immediately, reducing time of record checking manually. 

Besides, this open management platform applied responsive design, which means admin or tutors could manage the system with any kinds of devices like desktop, tablet or mobile. Unlike traditional dashboards, this management platform has simple and easy-to-use design, which will definitely offer great user experience to users. 

With this well-developed management panel with a simple and easy-to-use user interface as well as valuable functions, every boss can manage the entire education center, tutorial centers, or even interest group in One Simple Mobile device.


4.0 教學管理平台

4.0 教學管理平台是全港首個平台化的教育中心管理系統。平台登記用戶,可以管理其教育中心、補習社、小型教室等。本平台致力於優化行政工序、減省日常営運成本、整理帳單及流水帳。透過這個全面優化的教育管理系統,老闆們可以透過手機,在彈指之間管理旗下各式各樣的教育事業。

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