Colgate – Oral Health and Dental Care

Colgate – Oral Health and Dental Care

Colgate is a famous toothpaste brand that aims to empower everyone to master their oral health. Colgate believes that everyone has the right to a bright, problem-free smile. In order to promote the importance of oral health as well as the products of the brand, Fletrix helped Colgate to create an event campaign web app to deliver the message to the public in a fun and interactive way. 

This web app is designed as a game-like campaign, in which participants can simply scan the QR code to access the webpage and join the campaign. Participants would have to answer the questions in each game online to receive prizes offline at the booth. By combining online and offline strategies, participants would be able to absorb product knowledge through these specific online games, and purchase the products offline right away. 

Fletrix helped Colgate to develop a web app with simple and accessible UI design, which participants could complete their online missions smoothly. In addition, participants would be able to receive an app-like experience when completing the missions due to fluent UX design. 


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