Maboo – Online Parttime Job Matching Platform

Online Parttime Job Matching Platform
A technological startup project providing Parttime job matching and credible online certificate building service. Parttime Job seekers & Job Agencies can be easily matched by posting and applying jobs on the platform.

With the assistance of Fletrix talents, Maboo has been granted more than $350,000 investments & finds in 1 year. Selected by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group & HKBU – BEST program as an incubator.


Maboo 為求職人士和僱主提供配對平台,透過篩選工作需求以及技能,求職人士可以於平台上自行申請。Fletrix 為Maboo提供專業顧問服務,而Maboo在一年內獲得多於$350,000 投資和資金。 在2017年,Maboo更被香港青年協會選為最佳創新計劃。

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