Ok Care – Healthcare Consultant

Medical Matching Platform

The industry of healthcare consultant has been more and more common in Hong Kong, with keen competition it is very important to position OKCARE in a specialized way. In order to achieve it, Fletrix has been working on Google Adwords which help to enhance the brand awareness and attention to its potential customer through putting advertisement with different theme introducing the service provided by OKCARE. Themes such as elderly care, maternal-infant care, rehabilitation treatment etc. Moreover, Fletrix has been also working on designing precise and specific searching keywords which allow potential customers to get a chance to know about OKCARE.


現今香港醫療保健顧問變得越來越普及,要與其他人不同,OKCARE 把自己定位得不一樣。Fletrix 致力為 OKCARE作宣傳和推廣品牌,我們以Google Adwords 作為宣傳渠道以提高品牌知名度以及認識。Fletrix 亦用不同的廣告系列以及關鍵字宣傳OKCARE 的服務範疇,例如,醫療護理,母嬰護理,長者護理等…. 

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