Soulmate L. – Video Production Team

Soulmate L. is a video production team committed to feeling, fashion and taste. Many remarkable pieces of works expressed the stories in a touching way over the years. Except local clients such as artists and entrepreneurs, international work’s participation like “Local Heroes” by Zoomin.TV from Europe also shows the professionalism of Soulmate L..

Soulmate L. begins their Brand Building project, Fletrix takes the role of whole marketing planning to assist Soulmate L. build their public awareness in an efficient way by implementing tech-based marketing tactics. Services including Creative design, Ads Optimization, Remarketing and Automation.

Soulmate L. 是一個集合情感、時尚與格調的拍攝團隊。創辦人多年來一直以浪漫與真情的方式融入其作品之中,以情說故事,打動人心。

曾為本地藝人 – 陳榮峻&吳香倫 及 安信兄弟 – 陳仕文 策劃及製作 婚禮攝錄影片, 亦與歐洲最大的MCN公司 – Zoomin.TV合作製作Local Heroes系列,講述一類不平凡人群的故事,呈現其“突破平庸”的開拓之舉。

菲卓斯運用技術營銷戰略為Soulmate L. 策劃有效數碼推廣計劃, 為其於短時間內帶來了精準的目標客戶鎖定及溝通。服務內容包括創意製作, 廣告優化, 精準追蹤營銷及自動化。


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