Woodiis – Mobile Case Customization Tool

Woodiis Customization Tool

Woodiis is an Eshop platform that provides wood-made mobile case customization to customers, aiming to let customers bring their own unique quotes to others, as well as creating customized gifts to their beloved ones. Woodiis provides high quality wood phone cases with high quality engraving that suits every occasion and personalities. 

Yet, customers may want to preview their customized styles and ideas before they make the purchase. Fletrix helps the platform to develop an online case customization tool, so customers could preview their masterpieces by choosing the correct phone model, pattern, text font, as well as the placement of the quote. Customers could then design the cases according to their preferences and purchase their perfect works from Woodiis. 

Other than personal case customization, customers could also design couple phone cases in symmetrical words or names. Customers could expose their creativity by this easy-to-use online customization tool, hence enjoying a unique online purchase experience. 

Fletrix is good at developing customized systems that suits our clients’ needs, with well-functioned and easy-to-use interface and fluent operations. We provide customized and presentable systems that satisfy your requests with a user-friendly and engaging interface, so as to generate traffic and strengthen the online existence of your business.

Link: https://woodiis.com/

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