All-in-one – Insurance Matching Platform

All-in-one is one of the well-known Fin-tech startups of CCMF (Cyberport Creative Micro Fund), providing Point-to-Point matching platform for the insurance industry. “All-In-One” is an innovative O2O platform for agents to interact with clients and to provide comprehensive information about insurance. It solves the problem that there is only phone call approach to acquaint potential clients and builds up better ...

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AngelFace – Beauty Centre

AngelFace, having a solid requirement to build a lavish website,  UI(User-interface) & UX (User-experience) is the focus for the project. To achieve this flawless website, Fletrix had been an extremely responsive and capable technical support to the Design team & Online marketing team. Ref:   Fletrix 作為唐安麒美顏瘦身專門店(AngelFace)的 網上營銷以及設計顧問,我們以設計使用者介面, 提升使用者經驗方面,提升品牌知名度。      

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Maboo – Online Parttime Job Matching Platform

Online Parttime Job Matching Platform A technological startup project providing Parttime job matching and credible online certificate building service. Parttime Job seekers & Job Agencies can be easily matched by posting and applying jobs on the platform. With the assistance of Fletrix talents, Maboo has been granted more than $350,000 investments & finds in 1 year. Selected by the Hong ...

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