UCS Hong Kong – Security Service

UCS Hong Kong Ltd, one of the Fletrix’s well-known clients, providing omnidirectional security service, to high-end users. Fletrix assisted UCS in its Website Design & Development, Mobile Security study and enhancement services. Moreover, Fletrix has contributed its professionalism and experience for the development of internal operational system & mobile app. Link: http://ucshongkong.com

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USEC – NPO for Business

United Social Entrepreneurship Conference (USEC) is an NPO joining Asia’s successful guests from business, non-profit, government as well as the grassroots community to share their stories of creating impact. 國際青年社企高峰會一間非牟利組織邀請不同專業人士,由商界,非牟利至政府機構分享故事以建立共融社會。   Link: http://usec.fletrix.com.hk

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Tiletrix – Consultation & Tile Ordering Service

Tiletrix Tiletrix offers professional consultation and also tile ordering services. In order to provide the most accurate budget to customers, Tiletrix provides free on-site measurement services. Fletrix, as a digital marketing consultant, we help Tiletrix to produce different kinds of social media advertisements and also find out the potential customers through data analysis. Website: https://tiletrix.com.hk/ 泰樂磁磚 泰樂為顧客提供專業的磁磚應用咨詢服務和磁磚訂購, 更有免費上門的量度服務去為顧客提供一個最精確的磁磚採購預算。 Fletrix 作為泰樂磁磚的網上營銷顧問,我們為泰樂製作不同型式的廣告,更利用數據分析為泰樂更精準地找出潛在的客戶。 網站: https://tiletrix.com.hk/

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AngelFace – Beauty Centre

AngelFace, having a solid requirement to build a lavish website,  UI(User-interface) & UX (User-experience) is the focus for the project. To achieve this flawless website, Fletrix had been an extremely responsive and capable technical support to the Design team & Online marketing team. Ref: http://www.angelface.com.hk/   Fletrix 作為唐安麒美顏瘦身專門店(AngelFace)的 網上營銷以及設計顧問,我們以設計使用者介面, 提升使用者經驗方面,提升品牌知名度。      

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